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Seven Things to Consider: Plumbing Services in Bakersfield

Seven Things to Consider: Plumbing Services in Bakersfield

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There are Seven things you want to make sure you are aware of when looking for plumbing services in Bakersfield

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Are They Licensed?

The first thing to look for is that you definitely want to make sure the plumbers are licensed, as most US states require this. Give them a call if you cannot find this listed on their website. Most responsible plumbing companies will have this information and will gladly be able to prove their credentials to you.

Look for Experience

A second thing to make sure of is that the company offering plumbing services in Bakersfield has been in the industry for a long time. – The more years, the better. This means they bring a wealth of experience to the table and can efficiently solve your plumbing issues quickly. This will also mean that there should be a lot of references and reviews about this company that has accumulated over time that you will want to investigate before hiring them. A majority of good reviews are what you are looking for. Negative reviews should be sparse but should be looked over to see what the issue was. Another place to check out is the Better Business Bureau to see what their rating is. Look for professionalism and how they talk to their customers as well.

Do they have insurance?

The third thing you want to do is only consider plumbers who can deliver proof of insurance. The fourth thing you need to ask about is customer references – and make sure to verify them, before you commit to them helping you with plumbing services in Bakersfield. It’s very important that there is insurance so everything is covered should something happen. Plumbing insurance covers a number of issues and can cover the following: Injury of you or property damage as a result of a plumbing repair issue, covers theft or damage to plumbing tools for the plumber, and Injury to any employees while working on your project. It is obvious that this is a win-win situation for both you and the plumbing company, so make sure they have insurance to cover you and them before you hire out for plumbing services in Bakersfield!

What about work guarantees and warranties?

The fifth thing you should inquire about is guarantees (being satisfied with the work they do) and this should be listed in the estimate of pricing. They should always be able to analyze your plumbing system and give you estimates, including the previous points. You want to look for at least a one-year warranty on any hardware and repairs that have been completed by a plumbing company. If it’s more longer than that? Great! The one exception there should ever be to this is drain cleaning. This is all very important when you are searching for plumbing services in Bakersfield.

Preparation is important

A sixth thing to look for is how prepared they are. This is very important. Any company offering plumbing services in Bakersfield should have all the correct tools to do the job. They should also have tools on hand in case they come up with any unexpected problems. Bring prepared is a sign of experience, professionalism and an indication that the company you hired has handled problems like yours before.


Last but not least, the seventh thing to look for is how they treat YOU, the customer. Are they respectful? Do they show up on time? Do they call and inform you if they are running late? Are they considerate of the space you are living in and clean up after themselves when they are finished with your project? How do they speak to you over the phone? All very important for your peace of mind when you hire a company offering plumbing services in Bakersfield.</br>

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